First entry. ;)

I’ve tried to start blogging several times in the past. Always failed. Mainly because I don’t really like to write to everybody out there – this way it seems like writing to nobody. Nobody reads, nobody cares, nobody notices. 😉 I hope this time it will be different. at least on my side. It may happen that again: nobody will ever read any of my blog-posts. But I decided that this time I will try to be more technical. Which means that it may happen, that my blog posts will help others solve their problems. Or help them realize that they do have a problem that they haven’t noticed before. 😉

I’m IT person so I will focus on IT problems that I come across. I’m also script maniac, been writing scripts for years now. Mainly in the windows environment. I’ve been using cmd for many, many years. Until I’ve wanted to check batteries status within our location. 100+ laptops… Googled it, as usually. And got some simple query using something named “PowerShell”. I knew there was WMI out there, I knew there was VBS too. But I simply liked the idea of interactive shell. And here it was: WMI, VBS and shell in one. “One to rule them all”, came across my mind. And now I’m trying really hard to become Lord of the Rings. 😉

Meanwhile I had chance to participate in VBS + WMI training and I really enjoyed both the training and writing scripts in VBS. But life was never same again… 😉 I’m PowerShell addicted now, and write both VBS scripts (in areas where it would be possible to share it with others in my organization) and PowerShell scripts/ one-liners – for myself. 🙂 I also like to do things that can be done GUI-way in PowerShell directly, just because it’s quicker and more consistent than to click my way thru GUI interface.

Why in English? Mainly because I use EN_en at work. If I do something in IT area I usually think in English. 😉 So even though my English is not as good as I would like it to be, I don’t see any other option.

This is first post. Hopefully not the last one. 😉


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