I was there! :)

2010 Scripting Games--I was there!

Yes, I was there. See here links to all my scripts:

Beginner (VBS): Evt 1, Evt 2, Evt 3, Evt 4, Evt 5, Evt 6,Evt 7, Evt 8, Evt 9, Evt 10

Advanced (PS): Evt 1, Evt 2, Evt 3, Evt 4, Evt 5, Evt 6, Evt 7, Evt 8, Evt 9, Evt 10

Or I would prefer to say: I’m still there. My mind is there still, and I really would like to have more events, more things to struggle with, more problems to solve with PowerShell. Why, you may ask. The main reason for that is simple: I have no chance to do the same in my organization, at least most of “run on my PC” stuff. No PowerShell on most of boxes out-there limits my PowerShell activity to things that can be done remotely in old-fashion way (gwmi –ComputerName, and stuff like that). So that’s why I’m still playing with my SG scripts and try to make them even better. Another thing is reading thru experts approach. I actually haven’t thought about making any of entries a real module… Now that’s something to look after if you would really like to make 5-star entry. I mean the one that would get 5-stars from any judge that would look at that. Complete and easy to Import- Remove-, as long of course as you don’t get overexcited and don’t do that for beginner events. 😉 But there are some ideas (ft within script? God NO!) that I don’t like at all. They are so… VBScript-way.

Yesterday I had interesting discussion on IRC channel. The main topic was: who is really master in Powershell and who is not. It was a dev-sysadmin front I would say. And I see clearly that sysadmin thinks different when he is using powershell than developer does. BUT – it’s also clear that it’s easier to communicate in that direction within powershell than within any other tool out-there. We (sysadmins) may see or do things differently than dev would, but there is pretty wide common ground where we can meet and discuss those differences in a way that both sides know what the other side is talking about. 🙂 Of course it does not mean that we agree on everything, we surely don’t (and I guess we shouldn’t) – but at least we can consider this second point of view when we are doing things in powershell. 🙂 That’s also beauty of that product. I think that is one of things (except for bank income) MS can be proud of. 🙂

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