Begin, process, end…

Few weeks ago I’ve discovered very strange bug in the way ‘process’ works when used in wrong context. Long story short: someone wrote function with process block, but without begin block. It’s usually OK, but he tried to put some code between param and process block and that gave him error, that is misleading at best:

function Test-BadProcess {            
param ()            
# begin {            
$SomeVariable = 'Initial Value'            
# }            
process {            
    "Will barf on you! Get-Process does not take scripts! ARGH!"            

So how it looks like when you run it?

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Kill cmd.exe

Where we are?

How many time have I heard this question from other PowerShell enthusiasts: “when cmd.exe is going to die”. Or at best “when will PowerShell.exe become default when user asks for command line”. It’s not so in Windows 8 Developer Preview, not sure what to expect in final release, but kind of don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. What is most frustrating for some is the fact, that server core still expects us to type “powershell.exe” once we boot.

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PowerShell CTP – Care To Play? :)

PowerShell CTPs are great. When I started to use PowerShell on a daily basis it was already v2 CTP2. And that is the main reason why I know very little about v1 Puszczam oczko It was just so much better experience… Same happens now with v3 CTP1. Once I saw it’s coming – I started to look for a way to get all requirements on my primary machine. I haven’t really played with stuff that is new in version 3 – like workflows. What I concentrate on is stuff that got improved from version 2. And from my perspective there are few I simply could not ignore.

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PowerShell MVP!


It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog. I tried to focus more on my Polish blog, because I assumed there is enough blogs in English about PowerShell. But because I would like to share this news with everybody – here it is. 🙂

Today I’ve received e-mail fro – I was expecting it for a while. I knew that I was nominated (thanks again, Aleksandar!), I knew it was today when decision will be announced. But decision itself was surprising for me. 🙂


Bartek Bielawski, PowerShell MVP. It sound like a fairy tale to me. But it’s true. Thanks to all who helped me get that far! PowerShell Deep Dive is at my doors and I will go there as newest PowerShell MVP. That’s pure awesomeness. I’m having difficulty with touching the ground at the moment. WOW.