PowerShell MVP!


It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog. I tried to focus more on my Polish blog, because I assumed there is enough blogs in English about PowerShell. But because I would like to share this news with everybody – here it is. 🙂

Today I’ve received e-mail fro support@mvpaward.com – I was expecting it for a while. I knew that I was nominated (thanks again, Aleksandar!), I knew it was today when decision will be announced. But decision itself was surprising for me. 🙂


Bartek Bielawski, PowerShell MVP. It sound like a fairy tale to me. But it’s true. Thanks to all who helped me get that far! PowerShell Deep Dive is at my doors and I will go there as newest PowerShell MVP. That’s pure awesomeness. I’m having difficulty with touching the ground at the moment. WOW.

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