Temporary file with given extension.

Creating temporary file in PowerShell is pretty simple – because you can use .NET call directly it’s a matter of:


The problem you may walk into is the rare case when your file has to have specific extension to work properly. I usually have this issue when I try to use temporary file to create formatting/ type information at runtime. Read more…


Quick Tip: cleaning code copied from blogs.

I’ve decided that from time to time I should use this blog to write down some tiny things I came up with while working/ playing with PowerShell. My memory is leaking all the time, and once I write something down – I will be able to come back to it when needed. Puszczam oczko

Today I had need to copy some code from blog. Having PowerShell code on the blog is pretty neat, it’s usually nicer when you add line numbers. Line numbers are handy, but if you do not use plugin that allows others to take code without them – they get extra step of removing prefixes from copied “stuff”. Today I decided that it would be wiser to have some simple function to do that for me, instead of writing some one-liner each time:

Read more…