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PowerShell-Magazine-LogoLast week I managed to write few short posts for PowerShell Magazine. It was whole series about XPath. You can think of it as an extension to my earlier post about case-insensitive Select-Xml. And I can’t express enough how different (read: better) this experience was from writing anything for my own blog. Having second pair of eyes (with healthy amount of criticism) made huge difference in the final “product”.

Another thing I noticed while writing for PowerShell Magazine was the fact, that I’m more focused and more eager to do things on time. When I’m the owner, editor and author in one – I tend to postpone articles. Lets face it: there is never enough time, especially with work, wife, three kids and other “stuff” that is waiting for my attention.

This is why I decided to devote my time for PowerShell Magazine exclusively. I have some backlog of things I promised to write for other places and I’m going to keep writing in Polish (my Polish blog, IT professional magazine) but other than that – I’m going to pump my creativity juices over to my friends there. I just hope that they won’t change their mind seeing how bad my English is at times. On the other hand: I wrote few things for them in the past, so they know how much extra work it will generate… Puszczam oczko

I will keep posting to this blog, but it won’t be technical content: I will only inform about my past/ upcoming sessions and about new articles for PowerShell Magazine.


2 thoughts on “PowerShell Magazine

  1. szkoda Bartku że troszkę “zaniedbujesz” swój blog ” . . PowerShell po polsku . . ” bo postów ostatnio piszesz DUŻO ale nie w ojczystym języku, co i tak nie zmienia faktu że odwalasz kawał dobrej roboty – POZDRAWIAM –

    • Też nad tym boleję. I między innymi tym sposobem chcę sytuację poprawić: jeden dziobek mniej do wykarmienia, więc czas na pisanie na powershellpl (mam nadzieję!) powinien się znaleźć. A po polsku owszem, pisuję, ale ostatnio głównie do IT Professional. Powód – jak wyżej – łatwiej się zmobilizować jak ktoś dopytuje o kolejny tekst, niż jak się trzeba samemu zmobilizować. Uroki rodzicielstwa niemowlęcego… 😉

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