Back on stage – Experts Live

ExpertsLiveLogoIt’s been a while since I had an opportunity to stand in front of the audience and present about PowerShell. The last time I did was in May this year, when I took part in PowerShell Conference EU. Not long ago I did present for Polish audience, but that was a remote session. Main difference is obviously the fact, that presenting to people you see in front of you makes it more two-way communication than a one-way monologue that remote session usually end up being. And even though I got some awesome questions during this presentation, it’s also easier to interact with presenter/ audience when you still get to talk to each other after you are done presenting – some of the most interesting and involved questions are the questions asked after the session.

In few weeks together with Daniël Both, I’m going to present at Experts Live – conference based in Netherlands where I currently live (in case you didn’t know Winking smile ). I already had a session together with Daniël during PowerShell Conference EU. You can watch the video from that session on YouTube. Both subjects are related to each other: we presented on Octopus and DSC, but working with PowerShell code was kind of back story that we touched on back than. The session that we plan to do during Experts Live is all about handling PowerShell code.

Looking at the agenda of this event I’m really looking forward to it. And even though I will have to skip some sessions (mainly because my Dutch haven’t moved far during my three years here in Netherlands), I’m still pretty sure I will get to learn a lot while being there. And I hope our session will work out as we intent and will convince people to make their PowerShell pipeline a “real thing”, if not with the whole set of tools we are currently using, than at least for some parts of it where value is good enough to justify time spent on preparing these tools.

To sums things up – I hope to see you there! And I hope that at least some of my proposals for PowerShell Conference EU 2017 will be accepted and I will have a good opportunity to talk PowerShell again in Hannover next year. Fingers crossed! Smile


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