Event 4: My notes…

Active Directory is one of those things I just love to work with. That’s why I was looking forward to the entries in this particular event. I found out few things I was not aware of while reading some of the entries, but also seen some mistakes that I would like to highlight. As always: I will start with Beginner category “positives”, and move on until I get to “negatives” in Advanced category.

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Hey! Don’t *break* my pipe!

I’m still pretty overwhelmed with number of scripts this year in Scripting Games. While I’m on my “Mission Impossible” I noticed extensive use of break keyword. I commented on it a lot in Beginner 3, but would like to show you why I do not like this as a way of ending your functions and/ or scripts.

I mean, it’s perfectly fine if you use it with what I will show you today in mind, that is: if you want your function/ script to be destructive and break things when you see an error. But if your function/ script is only getting some info from my system and I won’t get full information (like in Advanced Event 2) without admin rights – why do you break things? Isn’t exit/ return enough in such a case…? Smile

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