OMI: revisited


Initial plan was different, but it looks like next Tuesday (well, more like Wednesday in my time zone…) I’m going to present about OMI for the third time. This time I will present for Omaha PowerShell User Group. You can find meeting details (and sign up) here. I must say I’m super-excited. This group is relatively “fresh” (this will be their 2nd meeting). It’s lead by Jacob Benson and Boe Prox. And Boe is a person that I “know” for years. We never met in person, but he was one of few people I virtually known in my early PowerShell community days. That plus the fact that I learned a ton from his blog. No surprises, blog title says it all, right? Puszczam oczko

Good news for anybody who watched recording from my first OMI session (done remotely for Philadelphia PowerShell User Group) or “live” presentation for my friends in Netherlands: it won’t be rewind/ replay. First of all: we got DSC for Linux announced that is based on OMI. I’m going to demo this with simple configuration. Another new thing is NetworkSwitch module that ships with PowerShell v5. I will demo how we can use it to configure Arista switch.

I’m going to do it from home, so how can I configure Arista switch, you may ask. Do I have Arista gear at home? My answer: sure not! And because it took me a while to get it up and running I plan to write a post about it for PowerShell Magazine. But before I do: you can read my recent series about different ways to make your command understand –Verbose and –Debug:

  1. Finding commands in module that are not ‘advanced’.
  2. Using AST to find only commands that use Write-Verbose/Debug.
  3. Building ‘advanced’ wrapper for commands authored by others.
  4. ‘Advanced’ wrapper for simple functions that use pipeline input.
  5. Our tool to wrap any simple command in advanced, if needed.

Enjoy! And see you on Tue^H^H^HWednesday!


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