CTP1 to CTP2 gotcha… :)

Ok, CTP2 is out. This is a great news, and a lot of things to play. Newer ISE, finally fixed “killer TAB” in console, Update-Help that picks up data from network and more.

There is one thing you need to be aware of: CTP1 and CTP2 both installed at the same time is a really bad idea. Trust me, you don’t want to see it (any command results in pages and pages of errors, tab does not work, highlighting syntax in ISE is total disaster).

So first thing: don’t do it. Uninstall CTP1 first. Documentation is clear about that and I know already why. Puszczam oczko

But let’s say you did that mistake already. Information “you shouldn’t!” is not really helpful now, right? I went that path so I decided I would share. It’s nothing spectacular, all I did was:

  • removed CTP2 (reboot)
  • installed CTP1 (reboot)
  • removed CTP1 (ignore the fact, that it may show up as CTP2 anyway – and yes, reboot)
  • install CTP2 on clean v2 and enjoy the show! Uśmiech

I would also double-check how it goes after each step (make sure CTP1 works, make sure clean v2 actually is clean). Hope it helps some other people who prefer to use things firsts and read instructions later… Puszczam oczko


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