RSAT on Windows 8 works (but fails).


Today – less PowerShell-ish topic, although PowerShell was both used and was main reason I started this journey. Few days ago Windows 8 RSAT RTM went out. Like many other admins I jumped on this wagon as soon as possible. I’ve installed the package and… nothing happened. I haven’t seen any errors yet tools that are part of RSAT where not present on my box. What I did? Obviously, I went to google and asked for solution. But found only few other folks that had the same issue, and many others who installed this package without any issues at all. Something had to be different, but I had no idea – what?

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Gotcha: GUID for Session Configuration

I’m currently working on a small project that will use constrained remoting endpoints together with RunAs credentials. It all went fine until I decided to change part of configuration for a moment to test something. I’m using PSSession Configuration Files all the time, so I decided I will create a new one, different from the one used before and just change configuration of endpoint using Set-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlet.
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CTP1 to CTP2 gotcha… :)

Ok, CTP2 is out. This is a great news, and a lot of things to play. Newer ISE, finally fixed “killer TAB” in console, Update-Help that picks up data from network and more.

There is one thing you need to be aware of: CTP1 and CTP2 both installed at the same time is a really bad idea. Trust me, you don’t want to see it (any command results in pages and pages of errors, tab does not work, highlighting syntax in ISE is total disaster).

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WMI persistent events and AD – gotcha.

OK, I’m probably not the best person to blog about this. But anyway I will write this short note, so that it may safe someone else time I had wasted on trying to figure this out. Here is the story.

Machine is a member of Active Directory. So far – so good. Pretty common scenario these days. You work on it offline. Also – not so uncommon if you are lucky owner of a laptop. You plan to implement some persistent WMI event handling. So you use the best tool possible to get there (PowerEvents) that you’ve already tested in the office. It went smooth there. And that’s when ‘fun’ starts:

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